CureOs® Cube Bone Graft

CureOs® Cube Bone Graft

CureOs® synthetic bone graft is used for helping to repair all bone defects which occur in iatrogenic or acquired way. CureOs strongly supports new bone formation and helps the cure of bone defects with surgical intervention.CureOs can be mixed with bone marrow, blood and clinically known bone grafts.

CureOs is mainly used at brain and nerve surgery, orthopedics, dentistry and relevant medical profession areas. CureOs contains >95% Tri-Calcium Phosphate/Silicate and Silicone. CureOs has White/Dirty White color because of the silicone content.

CureOs has 1 – 550 μm diameter pores, 1% – 80% overall pore volume, and has a physical structure that showing high similarity to natural bone tissue morphologically and chemically.

CureOs is designed in dierent dimensions such as cube, granule, strip, wedge block and putty in order to adapt dierent bone defect dimension and geometry.

CureOs is expected to expose to biodegradation partially or completely 6-12 months after it is implanted to the body and expected to disappear partially or completely. This situation is proved by biodegradation experiments.
CureOs does not contain any animal tissue or blood derivatives.
CureOs does not contain any human tissue or blood derivatives.
CureOs does not contain any phthalate or phthalate derivatives.
CureOs does not contain any radioactive contents.

CureOs is a synthetic bone graft that packaged dual sterilized bag, class III and does not need any pre-process before use.

CureOs is a single use product that sterilized with gamma method, no need to re-sterilize by user and should not be re-sterilized.

CureOs can contact with osteobiological materials and bone marrow. This situation is proved with biodegradation tests.