PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator)

What is PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator)?

PAPRs, known as electric air-purifying devices, can be defined as breathing devices that protect the user by filtering pollutants in the air and use a tight-fitting respirator, a loose-fitting hood, or a battery-powered blower to provide clean air to the user through a helmet.

  • An electric air-purifying respirator (PAPR) is a battery-powered respirator that cleans the incoming air before a person breathes.
  • A fan passes air through the filters in the cartridges. The purified air then flows into a mask, headgear, or face mask that covers the person’s nose and mouth.
  • PAPRs are used in industrial and commercial environments and by emergency responders and healthcare professionals.
  • Although the word “respirator” is already part of the abbreviation PAPR, the device is often referred to as a PAPR respirator.

Technical Specifications

Air Flow Capacity Level 1  160 1/min
Level 2  190 1/min
Level 3  210 1/min
Noise Level 60 dB Max
Filtration Unit Size 130 x 87 x 25 mm
Total Weight 1350gr
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
Battery Life 4 Hours at Level 3 airflow
6 Hours at Level 2 airflow
8 Hours at Level 1 airflow
Display Screen Air Flow Level (1, 2, 3)
Battery Status
Filter Status
Standards CE Certificate
EN 12941

Armour PAPR Components

N95 mask and Armour PAPR differences

1. It shows 95% efficiency at 5-micron particle size. 1. It shows 99.95% efficiency at 0.3-micron particle size.
2. It works under negative pressure. 2. It works under positive pressure.
3. It should be checked initially whether it is sitting properly on the user. 3. The sealing feature is maximized thanks to the screwing and sealing gaskets specially designed for the Armour  filtering apparatus.
4. It may cause leakage and not fitting to the face due to reasons such as beard and hair. 4. It does not give a feeling of sweating, humidification, or temperature increase in long-term use. It provides comfortable use.
5. In prolonged use, it causes severe deformation of the face and can become painful. 5. Since it is not a mask that fits directly on the face, it does not cause injury and discomfort problems.
6. It feels moist and uncomfortable over time. 6. It can be used for many years when it is disinfected and the filter is changed at appropriate intervals.
7. They are disposable masks.